Application Process for Indian students

You may apply to the OIN program if you are an undergraduate or post-graduate student in an OIN member college or university in Maharashtra, Goa, the National Capital Region, and Pondicherry. The deadline for applications at the OIN office at OUI: January 31. Your own college or university usually has an earlier filing deadline. Please note that applications MUST be submitted to your home college or university, not directly to OIN.

  • Step 1: Download  the Instructions (click here) and the Application Form (click here) for Indian students.
  • Step 2: Follow the instructions and complete the application form
  • Step 3: Submit the completed application form to your home university's international office, including three sets of  copies of all documents.

Before completing the application form, you must consult the document Information for Indian Students in order to ensure that you are making an informed choice of universities and that you meet the admission requirements of the Ontario universities listed in your application form.