General Information for Ontario Students

The Ontario India Student Exchange program (OIN) is open to all students of participating Ontario universities. Students must have completed a minimum of two years of a recognized degree at their home university in order to qualify for the exchange program. The OIN program offers the following options to Ontario students:

(i) a one or two semester regular exchange, which takes place over the Fall and Winter terms, at a partner institution in India;

(ii) a short term study program of between two and three months duration at a partner institution; and

(iii) a one month Study India Program held in August of every year. 

OIN Overview Flyer (2019-2020) 


Why India?

There are a number of reasons students choose to go to India on exchange through OIN. Some of the commonly cited reasons are: an interest in South Asia, its culture, history, and society; desire to live and experience a culture distinctly diferent from one's own, including academic culture; interest in the global South and issues of social justice; interest in meeting and interacting with the youth of another country; interest also in meeting and spending time with students from other Ontario universities while on exchange in India; and, finally, a keen interest in becoming more global in outlook, gaining international experience, and developing cross-cultural skills. 

   Participation in the OIN program offers the following additional benefits:

  • admission to one of India's established universities and institutes of technology (the latter are well known for their arts and social science programs as well)
  • guaranteed bursary or scholarship support through the OIN program
  • continued eligibility for OSAP, OGS, and SSHRC scholarship support
  •  a pre-departure orientation weekend in Toronto in May

To apply, contact the International Office at your home institution.