There are three options available to Ontario students:  

The following documents contain information on partner institutions in India and general information on being an exchange student in India. 




  • REGULAR EXCHANGE PROGRAM: This program is intended for Ontario students who are interested in taking courses at a partner institution during the academic year. The start date for Indian universities varies (usually mid-July to early August for the first semester and mid-December to early January for the second semester). For information on partner institutions please consult the document posted above (Information onPartner Institutions in India).


  • SHORT-TERM STUDY PROGRAM (SSP): This program may be undertaken at any time in the calendar year. It is intended for Ontario students with defined study projects in the arts, humanities, social sciences, sciences, engineering, management, and technology. The on-campus program is conducted under the supervision of a professor at an OIN partner college or university in India and has a minimum duration of two months and maximum duration of three months. For information on partner institutions please consult the document posted above (Information on Partner Institutions in India). Click here for information about the SSP: 
  • Information on Short Term Study Program.   


  • STUDY INDIA PROGRAM (SIP): A month-long immersion program held annually in August at Shiv Nadar University, Noida (National Capital Region). Offers students an opportunity to learn about India's history, culture, politics, social structure, architecture and fine arts, religions, and more. The program includes: (i) lectures by Shiv Nadar University faculty, (ii) tours to heritage sites such as the Taj Mahal, Delhi area Mughal and colonial monuments, as well as museums, (iii) and the option to audit courses in specific disciplines. For details and information on transfer credit contact the international exchange office at your home institution. the two clickable documents that follow include information about: the SIP at SNU; schedule; fee (covers tuition, accommodation, tours, and most meals). 
  • SIP (SNU) Poster 
  • SIP (SNU) Schedule


  • For APPLICATION FORMS for all three programs click on the tab "Apply" (found under "Ontario Students" tab).